At Roseborough Dental, we do our best to make cosmetic dentistry services easily accessible to patients in Mississauga. You deserve a confident smile, and we’ll gladly guide you through the process.

Some people hide their smile because of teeth imperfections. Several factors including genetics, aging, and medications affect your teeth’s appearance.

Our office provides a variety of solutions, highlighted below, to makeover smiles. The first step is to have a consultation with your dentist and learn more about the cosmetic options available to you.

  • Tooth Whitening. We offer a range of tooth whitening options to make your teeth appear several shades lighter. Achieve natural-looking results through safe and effective methods.
  • Whether you’re looking to enhance one tooth or several, porcelain veneers are an option. They’re used for chipped, discoloured, or misshaped teeth.
  • Metal braces and Invisalign® correct bite and alignment issues. Book a free consultation to learn the differences between both orthodontic procedures, their costs, and the pros and cons of each.
  • Dental Bridges. If you are missing several teeth, your dentist may ask you to consider dental bridges. They’re artificial teeth held in place by abutment teeth. The abutments are dental crowns attached to the natural teeth located next to the missing tooth.
  • Dental Crowns. A crown covers a tooth to restore its shape and size. They may also be applied when a filling won’t adequately repair a large cavity.
  • Dental Implants. A dental implant serves as the roots of a replacement tooth. It provides sturdy support since it’s fused into the jawbone, ensuring the replacement tooth won’t shift, loosen, or fall out.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures in Mississauga

When looking for a dentist for your cosmetic dentistry procedure, research their experience. Make a list of questions for your initial consultation. Note if you feel comfortable with the dentist—and the rest of the dental team.

We work with you to ensure your comfort and confidence in every stage of your treatment process at Roseborough Dental. We honour your smile preferences and decisions.

Please contact our team if you want to know more about cosmetic dentistry in Mississauga. Let’s schedule your consultation.

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