Dental Bonding In Mississauga: Restore Your Smile with Roseborough Dental

Dental bonding is a common dental procedure that is used to repair teeth. At Roseborough Dental in Mississauga, ON, we proudly offer dental bonding to enhance our patients’ smiles and quality of life.

What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding, also referred to as teeth bonding or cosmetic bonding, is a cosmetic restorative technique. It entails the application of composite resin layers onto teeth surfaces for a renewed appearance. Utilizing the same material as composite fillings, this method bonds the resin to chipped or uneven tooth areas, restoring their smoothness. A strong chemical bond forms with tooth enamel through composite material curing, yielding a lasting and lifelike outcome.

How is dental bonding applied?

Our dentist will first apply a conditioning liquid to the tooth during the dental bonding procedure. This helps roughen the tooth's surface so the resin will adhere better. Next, our dentist will apply the resin to the tooth and shape it into place. Once the resin has been applied, it will be hardened using a special light. When it is hardened, our dentist will trim and polish it to blend in with the rest of the tooth. The dental bonding procedure is usually completed in one office visit.

What issues does dental bonding correct?

Dental bonding often serves as an alternative to orthodontic procedures or veneers, offering a minimally invasive approach. Concealing cracks, chips, spots, or gaps, dental bonding can reshape teeth and effectively enhance smile uniformity.

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