Your Dentist In Mississauga Helps You Achieve A Healthy Disease-Free Smile!

Older couple cuddles together smiling and free of periodontal disease

They call gum disease the silent disease. It initially appears with quiet symptoms. As it develops, many of the symptoms are brushed off and ignored. But as your dentist in Mississauga, at Roseborough Dental, we want to make sure you know that if allowed to proceed, gum disease is a serious health issue that affects your smile and your overall …

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Dental Veneers Make Smile Imperfections A Thing Of The Past

Woman with dental veneers smiles in mirror

Did you miss the braces boat as a teenager? Looking to up your smile but can’t commit to a year of Invisalign? Have stubborn staining or discolouration that makes you smile shy? We have the solution for you. We all want our teeth to sparkle when we smile, and sometimes minor chips, stains, or gaps can really take away from …

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Don’t Become The Victim Of A Sports Injury – Wear A Sports Mouthguard

A young hockey player who is wearing a full face mask and sports mouthguard

Does your son or daughter play on a school sports team? Are you in a rec league? Listen up! Your dentist in Mississauga wants you to get the best protection for your precious smile – a sports mouthguard. Some things are out of our control … but what we can prevent is damage to our smiles caused by contact sports …

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A Night Guard In Mississauga Will Prevent Grinding Damage

AA young family out for a run

Your tooth enamel is the strongest substance in your entire body. This strong but brittle tooth layer is made up of 96% mineral content, but that doesn’t make it invincible. In fact, if you’re among the estimated 13% of people who suffer from teeth grinding or teeth clenching (bruxism), you could be causing serious damage. At Roseborough Dental as a …

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Make A Dazzling First Impression With Invisalign

Woman smiles while removing Invisalign aligners from her mouth

Even though we learn at an early age not to judge a book by its cover, it’s not that easy. We all do it, and studies show that for 29% of North Americans, the first thing they notice when meeting someone new is their teeth. People with a straight, uniform smile are perceived as being more successful, more trustworthy, and …

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Inlays & Onlays Offer Serious Smile Protection

Couple looks down and smiles after getting inlays and onlays

Have you ever heard someone mention dental inlays and onlays? If not, that’s OK! Many people are unfamiliar with this restorative treatment … until they visit us at Roseborough Dental, their dentist in Mississauga. Gold inlays were primarily used to restore tooth structure affected by decay. Nowadays, they are used the same way but are available in undetectable tooth-colored materials, …

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Dental Bonding For A Beautiful Smile

middle aged couple showing off their beautiful smiles

Your smile makes a statement – it speaks volumes without a single word being uttered. But if you’re unhappy with the shape, size, or color of your teeth, you simply can’t put your best smile forward no matter how how you try. One of the quickest techniques we use as a dentist in Mississauga to repair smiles with excellent results …

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Are Dental implants In Mississauga Right For You?

Retired couple with new dental implants smile while embracing in bed

At Roseborough Dental, we believe everyone deserves to experience life with a complete, healthy smile. That’s why we provide restorative dentistry, including dental implants in Mississauga – a revolutionary way to replace missing teeth. Because of this treatment, many people like you are proudly showing off their new and improved look and enjoying the everyday benefits of beautiful teeth. However, …

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Dental Sealants Help You Save Money & Protect Your Family’s Smiles

At Roseborough Dental, as a dentist in Mississauga, we routinely recommend dental sealants for kids because their chewing teeth have folds and buckles that trap food, which is often missed by their budding brushing habits. Sealants can effectively reduce the occurrence of cavities. The best part? Adults of all ages can benefit from teeth sealants too. According to the CDC, …

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Missing Teeth? Build A Bridge – A Dental Bridge!

Improving your smile enhances more than your appearance. True, repairing structural problems like missing teeth with a dental bridge can only make you look better … even your best. But when function is restored, so will your ability to chew, speak, and socialize freely, helping you to feel more relaxed and able to shine! It’s a fact: some people do …

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