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What is involved in a root canal?

Root canal or endodontic treatment is often an ideal option for treating an infected tooth. The procedure involves removing the infected tissue from the root canal, cleaning and disinfecting the area, and then filling and sealing the root canal. Root canal treatment can save your natural tooth and prevent further damage to your jawbone.

Extraction of a tooth is a last resort option that should only be considered if root canal treatment is not possible or has failed. Tooth extraction can cause problems with your bite and put stress on the surrounding teeth. In addition, extracting a tooth can lead to bone loss in the jaw.

What are the benefits of a Root Canal Therapy Mississauga?

Root canal treatment has many advantages over tooth extraction, including:

  • Preserving your natural tooth from tooth loss.
  • Preventing further damage to your oral health.
  • Alleviating severe tooth pain caused by infection or damage to the dental pulp, removing the source of the pain and discomfort.
  • Preventing the spread of infection to the surrounding teeth and jaw.
  • Root canal treatment is less invasive than tooth extraction.

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  • Save a deeply infected tooth
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