Dental Bonding For A Beautiful Smile

middle aged couple showing off their beautiful smiles

Your smile makes a statement – it speaks volumes without a single word being uttered. But if you’re unhappy with the shape, size, or color of your teeth, you simply can’t put your best smile forward no matter how how you try. One of the quickest techniques we use as a dentist in Mississauga to repair smiles with excellent results is dental bonding. It can swiftly and beautifully transform imperfections and damage, helping you smile with greater confidence! And it can be done in one appointment!

How Does Dental Bonding Work?

When providing this bonding technique at Roseborough Dental, we apply a resin (plastic) material to the tooth or teeth that need a boost. The resin is matched to your teeth so that, when we’re finished, it blends right in and no one will know you’ve had the treatment. We sculpt and mold the material – like an artist – so that your tooth is the ideal shape and size and looks and feels natural and whole again. We use a strong light or laser to cure the resin so that it hardens and is securely bonded to your tooth or teeth. Then we’ll smooth, trim, and polish the resin so that it matches the surrounding tooth enamel. The dental-bond resin we use to correct discoloration, chips, and to close small spaces is the same resin that we used to replace silver-colored amalgam restorations.

Bonding can beautifully…

  • repair decayed teeth – if the situation is right, we use it as filling material instead of silver-colored amalgam, so that you have the confidence to laugh out loud without showing off your dental work
  • strengthen and cover thin enamel that shows the dentin underneath and makes teeth look yellow no matter how well you brush and floss
  • fix chips so the biting edges of teeth are smooth and attractive without jagged edges
  • fill in visible cracks
  • lengthen shorter teeth
  • protect an exposed tooth root
  • close small gaps between teeth – sometimes just closing the smallest gap can make a big difference in how you feel about your smile
  • cover severely stained teeth
  • correct misshapen teeth so that your smile has a more-unified appearance.

Bonding is also…

  • Cost-effective. If you need bonding to fill a small cavity, your dental insurance will cover the treatment. It’s also a great alternative to dental veneers, which run at a higher price point.
  • Non-invasive. With our techniques and technology, we’ll help you relax while we enhance your smile. The great news is that you won’t need any sedation or freezing for cosmetic dental bonding (but you might if we are using the resin to fill a cavity, and we’ll discuss that with you in advance, as always).
  • Most treatments can be completed within an hour … so you don’t have to spend an entire day in the dental chair. Imagine! You can walk in with a compromised smile and walk out shortly afterward with a beautiful restoration you’ll love to show off!
  • Long-lasting. By properly looking after your new smile, your bonding treatment can remain effective for as long as 10 years or more. There are some things that you can do to lengthen the longevity of your dental bonding and that includes not biting your nails, pens, pencils, ice, etc., no using your teeth as tools (ripping open chip bags, for example), wearing a nightguard if you grind or clench your teeth, not holding things with your teeth, etc.
  • We’ll use a shade guide to ensure that your dental bonding is a perfect match for teeth adjacent to the one we’re repairing. Once the bonding is in place, it’s surface and shine looks just like a natural tooth!

Caring For Your Dental Bonding

Dental bonding doesn’t need any special care. Teeth that have been bonded need the same care as your natural teeth. Brush at least twice a day, floss once a day, and rinse or chew sugarless gum after eating when brushing is not possible. It’s also important to keep up your regular appointments with us so that we can monitor the dental bonding to ensure its viability. We’ll check for any chips that may snag food particles and trap plaque which could cause a situation that encourages decay … just like we do for your natural teeth.

Is Dental Bonding Right For You?

Once we get to know you and your smile better, together we can decide on which treatment option will get you the results you desire. If dental bonding is right for you, we’ll either do the treatment right then and there (if it’s a relatively straight-forward case and if time permits) or we’ll make an appointment for you to return to receive your personalized care.

Contact us today to request your convenient appointment. As your dentist in Mississauga, we look forward to talking to you about what you envision for your smile. The possibilities are endless.